4 Paint color trends for 2017!

4 Paint color trends for 2017!

Our tastes may differ based on many considerations and that’s a part of our human nature.

However, no matter what your likes and dislikes may be, we know how everybody likes to keep it all trendy when it comes to the interior of their private spaces.

Especially, if those trends of paint and coating are determined by experts!

Take a moment to get on a little tour with us, to check the latest paint color trends for 2017:

1. Benjamin moore shadow: dark and dramatic sensation is a bold choice for 2017. Rich and deep colors like purple and dark blue are not considered as a sophisticated or gothic choice, those deep and dark colors of paint are best-looking when accompanied by a finish of brushed gold and black stainless steel.

2. Poised taupe: a gorgeous neutral color of paint to be used at your living room or bedroom. With a slight undertone of violet makes it a little formal, used for a space that lacks natural light where you add color and drama without making the space look smaller. It pairs wonderfully with warm colors like dark brown and gold.

3. Olympic-cloudberry: some of most captivating colors are the shades of purple, purple and lavender paint colors are very popular and wanted it would give you a more sophisticated space for cloudberry is the perfect choice of paint to give class. Pairs beautifully with colors with accents like cream, charcoal gray and gold.

4. Honey-glow: That absolutely gorgeous gold paint color, a rare gold color but very attractive especially when the compatible undertone is used, not too orange nor too green.

Give a Mid-century modern space a touch of honey glow as it gives a slightly vintage vibe.

Dare to pair it with subtle accents such as charcoal or flannel gray for a contemporary or retro space. You can make use of white trim colors for a rich gold paint color to enhance the warmth of your room.




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