Decorative Painting Ideas to Do in Your Home

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Decorative Painting Ideas to Do in Your Home

You paint your homes to add beauty – you meticulously decide which color, design or paint that you should use, to embellish and decorate your place. This may not always be an easy job, but with the right materials, you can have an outcome that you will surely like.

We, TRUST Paints, are a Paint Factory, Paint Distributor, Paint Reseller and Paint Trader – in short, we are the one-stop solution for all your painting needs. We are located in Beirut, Lebanon and we are leading in the paint and coating industry. We can help you decide how you will decorate your homes and offer your various paint colors that will suit your lifestyle.

And if you are too creative, if a simple paint is not enough for you, and if you need more decorative materials, don’t worry. We got you covered. We can provide all that you need if ever you choose a DIY painting.

That’s why we have given ideas and design concepts below – you can do this anytime, whenever you want to redecorate your home.


Stripes can really add character to your space; whether it is vertically or horizontally, it lengthens a room.

Tips: Wider stripes are better. Use a painter’s tape to lay out stripes from a wall that you have already put a light base color in, then, fill in the stripes with a shade that opposes your base color. Let dry before removing the tape.


This is perfect for living and entertainment rooms. This requires more effort on the application.

Tips: Paint your base coat and let it dry. Measure the wall and divide the width by the number of diamonds you like. Sketch the diamonds on your wall and again, use a tape to create grids of diamonds on your wall. With a roller or paint brush, fill the insides of the diamond with the color you desire and let it dry before removing the tape.

Color Washing

This is like a broken finish in your room – it serves as an additional visual interest and vintage charm in your place.

Tips: when your base has dried up, put a glaze and paint mixture with a sponge or cloth in a wiping or circular motion. Apply brush strokes to create a soft and mellow texture.


This is the easiest – you will need a sea sponge, glaze, and two or three paint colors.

Tips: After applying your base coat, dip the sponge into the mixture of paint and glaze then dab it in any pattern you like, on your wall or surface.

Strie Technique

Strié is also called ‘dragging’. It creates a luxurious look on your wall.

Tips: Your top coat must be a different color from your base coat. Using a roller brush, put the glaze and your paint mixture on your wall in one stroke – vertical – from top to bottom. Then, use a large, long-bristled paintbrush through this coat, overlapping each section, and see and elegant strié result.

These techniques and ideas can surely add beauty to your homes, but make sure that you will only use the best decorative materials in implementing these practices. And with us, at TRUST Paints, we can ensure good quality products that suit your style.



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