More Decorative Paints Uses, Ideas, and Techniques to Choose From!

More Decorative Paints Uses, Ideas, and Techniques to Choose From!

Decorative Paints is one of the best ways for you to give your homes a unique and creative background that you desire. You can use different colors, application techniques or shades all depending on your taste and wants. With the varied techniques regarding decorative paints in Lebanon, you can adorn your walls entirely or partially and the right shade and highest quality of paint in Beirut will help you achieve this.

As a renowned paint company in Lebanon, we, Trust Paints, can give you what you’re looking for. We are a factory, distributor, reseller, and trader of high-quality paints. We give different coating products that are used in residential and commercial places. We operate in countries like Beirut, Lebanon, Iraq, etc – indeed, with our help; rest assured that we will give you the color and first-rate type of paint that you need.

In this article, however, we’ll give you more tips on how you can apply decorative paints in your place and know the different key points regarding decorative paints.

Color Scheme

In decorative painting, you can actually use a single color scheme or a combination of different colors – light and dark. All you have to do is set your imagination free and let your creativity lead you the design and finishes that you desire. To have an array of choices, you can ask a color chart from your supplier to select the one you truly want.


You can also use different accessories to give a stylish look on your homes and commercial places.


Lighting can adjust your place’s interior or exterior look – it can affect the brightness or dimness of a place, hence, a good point to improve in your place.


The color of your ceiling can either make your space look smaller or bigger, like for example, a white paint can make your room’s ceiling look lower.


Of course, you also need to consider your furniture – like its bottom. This technique can allow the color to reflect up to your room’s interior without letting others know where it’s originally coming from – like magic.

Different Decorative Paints Techniques

• Sponging
• Color Washing
• Rag Rolling
• Marbleizing
• Crackling
• Strié Technique
• Stripes
• Antiquing
• Lime Washing
• Pickling Wood
• Stenciling
• Verdigris Finishing
• Wood Graining

For expert advice and help, however, you can contact us anytime at Trust Paints and we can give you all the services that you require, aside from the highest-quality of paint that you need.


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