The Current Color Trends of 2019 – Which Color Should You Use In Your Home?

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The Current Color Trends of 2019 – Which Color Should You Use In Your Home?

We know how art can be so dynamic sometimes. Each year, the paint color ideas vary depending on the trends and taste of people. For interior and exterior paint, however, the ideas for accent walls change as well.

Having attractive paint can add visual interest to a place – may it be a residential or commercial place. Paint colors and decorative paints in Lebanon can re energize an establishment; hence, increase its curb appeal and its appearance.

This year, 2019, different hues and palettes are racing to be the color of the year – but nevertheless, these colors are what we’ll see in almost all places. The trending colors of paint in Lebanon that we’ll have this year are.


Hazelnut resembles woodland shades; hence, nature. We all know how this is a common interior design – but this year, we’ll see more of this shade. This can give a naturalist feel, a comfortable hue that will not clash with the current colors of your furnishings.


Living Coral brings out optimism, vibrancies, and energy. This color is surely going to make your home feel and look livelier than before. The evident bright hues in the selection of living coral are great for making your space have a blissful mood.

Lilac Gray

One of the most classic paint colors that blend well with the modernity of the interiors of today. The Lilac Gray makes your space feel warmer and cheery both at the same time. The subtlety of the hue gives a minimal appeal and it’s not that hard to choose which colors your furnishings should be when your walls are painted lilac gray.

Hunter Greens

There is no other color that can impose gender neutrality other than hunter greens. The color holds nature feels – it is timeless and no matter your gender is, the hue will be suitable for your home. Aside from that, any millwork, walls, accessories, and furniture you’d put for your interior, the color hunter green will not stand on your way to have it. it complements with almost everything.

Now that you have an idea which color you should apply for your homes or commercial offices this year, you should know that you need to look for the best paint manufacturers in Lebanon so that you will get the highest quality of paints that you need.

And you can find these quality paints from us at Trust Paints. You can guarantee that we have whatever color you need and we’ll give you the best ones in our collections.



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