The Effective Techniques That You Can Do to Texture Paint

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The Effective Techniques That You Can Do to Texture Paint

Learning how to texture paint in Lebanon can bring so much life and appeal to your surfaces and make it look more attractive. In fact, there are numerous ways of how you can do this appropriately and effectively. Using the highest quality of paint in Beirut and the right techniques, you can achieve and beautifully crafted texture paint for your homes.

On the other hand, we, Trust Paints, a prominent paint company in Lebanon and one of the leading paint manufacturers, as well, can do this for you. With our years of service in the market, we have already accumulated more than enough knowledge that can allow us to attend to all the needs of our clients. We offer texture paint and decorative paints, even. With our help, rest assured that we can make your residential or commercial place striking and classy.

However, if you want to apply texture paint on your own, we listed down some of the easy techniques that you can apply to give life to your rooms and exterior of your place:

Use Drywall Mud

If you are opting for a stucco finish, then, this drywall mud is perfect for you. You can purchase this in any home improvement store. To do this, make sure that your wall is dry then apply taping on it using a towel or compound knife then dab the sponge into it to create a structure, afterwards, let it dry.

Combing Method

Another method is the combing method. First, you apply the base coat on your walls and choose a comb whose size is according to your desire – you can select any tooth size. Then, you comb your walls from top to bottom. Continue to do this until you achieve a wood grain appearance that you like.

Skip trowel technique

Skip trowel is a popular texture technique – its finish has an uneven surface but this can’t be done with a shaky hand. To pull this off, use the knockdown method using a sea-sponge roller and taping compound. Then, roll the compound on your wall and before it dries up, smooth some of the areas down with a knife.

Silica Sand

Silica sand method gives your walls a sandy texture that is not totally messy to look at. The first thing you need to do is fill your paint roller tray with your desired latex paint and add 113.3g – 170g of silica sand. Stir well with a paint stick and add more sand if you want. apply the mixture like normal and before applying it again, stir the paint because the sand will stay at the bottom if you don’t.

Actually, there a lot of techniques that you can do to achieve textured paint. As long as you think outside the box, you can do anything you want. if you need professional help, however, never hesitate to call and ask for our assistance at Trust Paints.



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